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Broken Ice Maker Breakdown Ice

Broken Ice Maker? You’ll Still Have Ice!

Even the best commercial ice makers break down from time to time. With an Ice Makers by the Month subscription, a broken ice maker doesn’t have to be a big headache.

If your unit goes down during normal operation and needs ice machine repairs, we’ll provide your business with ice while our expert technicians fix your ice machine problem. We include Breakdown Ice in the price of your subscription – and we’re proud to be the only national company to offer this.

With our revolutionary ice machine subscription, you get more than just a top-of-the-line Hoshizaki ice machine – you get a guaranteed ice supply for your customers and employees.

Never Run Out of Ice

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How it Works

Peak Ice

We also offer Peak Demand Ice in select markets. Peak Ice is available for special events or unusually hot days where ice demand is higher than the machine can produce.

Although Peak Ice isn’t free, it is convenient and a great option when you’re running low on ice.

We are always expanding our Peak Ice program, so give us a call for availability and pricing.

FDA Approved

The FDA defines ice as food, so ice packaging companies must always meet federal standards. All our Breakdown Ice is FDA approved, food-grade quality ice.

Never Run Out of Ice

Ice Makers by the Month makes sure you never run out of ice, even if your ice maker is down for repairs. Contact us for the most reliable ice supply for your business!