Ice Machine Problems? Follow Our Pre-Service Call Checklist

If Your Ice Maker is Not Working, We’re Ready to Help!

If you're having issues with your ice machine, our Customer Service Team is there for you 24/7 to help you get up and running. However, taking a few minutes to run through this pre-service call checklist will help expedite your service request, and it may even save you $100!

Our team is available to help you get started today.

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Ice Machine Not Making Ice Pre-Service

Steps to Follow Before Your Make a Service Call

When you place a service call, our focus will be making sure you have the ice you need, collecting the information necessary for effective servicing of the ice making equipment, and reminding you of the steps you can take to ensure safety with and around the equipment.

Before you make that service call, review our pre-service call checklist so that you can help us quickly:

  1. Confirm the nature of the performance issue.
  2. Determine if the problem can be solved over the phone.

This simple checklist will help us get you back up to speed with the ice you need in no time.