Ice Machine Cancellation Policy

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What If I’m Going Out of Business?

Unfortunately, most of our cancellations happen when a customer goes out of business. We appreciate our customers who can work through this tough situation with us. With that in mind, here are some steps you can take:

  • Please do your best to adhere to the 30-day policy. It’s very difficult for us to retrieve one of our ice machines when customers don’t inform us of a cancellation in advance. Many times, that means spending hours trying to contact a landlord to gain access to our equipment. We still charge customers through the end of the 30-day cancellation notice, so there’s no upside in waiting until the last minute.
  • Take good care of our equipment. While we expect normal wear and tear, just remember we are purchasing an expensive top-of-the-line ice machine, so you don’t have to. Customers may financially liable for repairs on equipment that show signs of excessive damage.
  • Do not sell our equipment to anyone. Believe it or not, this happens more than we’d like. If you’re selling your business to a new owner, know that the ice machine is not included. It’s not only a hassle for us to retrieve it, but a pain for the new owner who thought a used ice maker came with the deal.

Limit the Risk

Easy Ice offers a 30-day cancellation to qualified customers because we believe we should have to earn your business every day. For questions about our account, contact our Service Delivery Team.

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