Ice Maker Subscriptions - What's Not Included

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Your Ice Maker Responsibilities

We care for our Hoshizaki ice makers. For years, we’ve specialized in keeping ice makers at peak performance and extending their overall lifespan. An ice maker needs proper care and attention to stay in peak condition, and we expect our customers to exhibit the same respect for our equipment as we do. As a result, customers will be responsible for repairs or Breakdown Ice if they fail to meet a few basic standards of care.

Below is our list of customer responsibilities.

  • Keep the air temperature between 45 – 95 degrees F.
  • Maintain proper ventilation around the equipment.
  • Make sure the machine has the proper water and power.
  • Clean the air filter.
  • Wipe down the surfaces of the machine.
  • Let us do the work on the inside of the machine.

Industrial ice maker Easy Ice

External Factors

In some cases, external factors cause issues with an ice maker. Although our expert team will work to identify these factors, the customer is responsible for the costs of downtime if the issue wasn’t caused by our machine. These factors include:

  • Hot Water Issues

    If hot water enters the ice maker’s water line it can ruin its production rate. An Easy Ice technician will the test water lines before installing our machines. After installation, it’s the customer’s responsibility to maintain proper water temperatures. If one of our machines fails to produce ice because hot water enters the ice maker’s water line, the customer is responsible for Breakdown Ice costs.

  • No Electricity

    If the power goes out, the customer is responsible for Breakdown Ice.

No Capital. No Hassle. Just Ice.

Let us handle the cleaning and maintenance of your Hoshizaki ice maker, so you can focus on running your business.