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Ice Making Equipment

Every Industry Has Unique Needs When it Comes to Ice Making Equipment.

Each industry has different ice needs. While hospitals use ice to treat patients, corporate offices need to hydrate employees during the lunch rush. Whether you're in the market for a large ice machine for a restaurant or a small dispenser for a waiting room, an Ice Makers by the Month subscription has the equipment you need.

We make it our business to understand the unique needs of your industry, and more importantly the needs of your business. With nearly 15,000 commercial ice machines under management, we know more about ice making equipment than anyone else.

How Much Ice Will You Need?

Learn How Our Subscriptions Meet the Needs of Your Industry:

  • Restaurants & Food

    From cooking preparation to salad bars, food displays to beverages, restaurants and bars are uniquely dependent on a reliable food-grade ice supply. Learn more about restaurant ice making equipment.

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  • Hospitals & Healthcare

    Hospitals, physical therapy clinics, and physicians’ offices, need a steady supply of clean, safe ice at all times. We offer additional cleanings to meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry. Learn how our subscription program can benefit your facility.

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  • Large Facilities

    Whether you’re managing a corporate campus, transportation facility, resort or university, you need cost-effective solutions for keeping employees and work crews cool and hydrated. Learn more about our ice making equipment program for large facilities.

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  • Corporate Offices

    Many corporate facilities require commercial ice machines on property for employees to use. Find out why corporate facilities managers and purchasing agents are switching to our all-inclusive commercial ice machine program.

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  • Hotels

    Commercial ice machines and dispensers are located in nearly every hallway and on every floor of a hotel. Find out why our all-inclusive subscriptions are the logical choice for ice making equipment for your hotel.

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  • Manufacturing & Distribution

    If you’ve got employees working in a plant or out on the road, you understand the importance of making sure they have access to water and clean ice. See how our all-inclusive ice machine subscriptions are an affordable solution for you.

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No Capital. No Hassle. Just Ice.

No matter what your industry, we can help you find the perfect ice making equipment that fits your business’s unique needs!