Hoshizaki Ice Machines for Large Facilities

Top Quality Hoshizaki Ice Machines for Any Sized Business

Our ice machine subscription service is revolutionizing the way large facilities maintain their ice supply with the best Hoshizaki ice machines!

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Service and Supply – Whenever You Need It

Our customer support team is available anytime of the day to provide help if you encounter any ice machine issues. If your ice machine does go down, our expert technicians are ready to fix the issue, and we provide complimentary Breakdown Ice, so you won't run out.

Knowledgeable Experts on Hand

Having difficulty choosing a Hoshizaki ice machine model? Our team is here to help! You could spend weeks looking for the best ice maker to fit your business needs. Instead, we'll help you measure your ice usage, size the perfect Hoshizaki ice machine, and determine the exact bin capacity for your facility.

Complimentary Breakdown Ice

We provide 24/7 support and a fleet of experienced technicians on hand, ready for dispatch. If we cannot get out to you in time or we estimate extensive repairs, we provide complimentary Breakdown Ice while your machine is down. If we cannot get you an ice supply in a timely fashion, we will credit the cost of your daily supply of ice.

Multiple Locations – One Point of Contact

We are the only national provider of commercial ice machines on a full-service monthly subscription. An Ice Makers by the Month subscription saves you time and money. Rather than having you struggle to balance budgets and find quality ice suppliers for all your locations, we handle it for you. We offer subscription discounts when you have at least six machines on your subscription and even bigger savings for eleven or more!

Your Ice Solution for Large Facilities

No matter the size of your business, we can fit you with the best ice machine for your ice needs!