Top Quality Hospital Ice Machine Models

Patients Need Ice - You Need a Clean, Reliable Hospital Ice Machine

The ice from hospital ice machines helps to reduce swelling, provide hydration, and store perishables. Clinics need a reliable ice machine that produces a clean, sanitary ice supply for patients.

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Why Ice Makers by the Month?

Hospitals need about 10 pounds of ice per patient daily. Consider the size of most hospitals, and you can see that adds up to a lot of ice.

If you manage a hospital or clinic, you can't afford to go without ice for several days waiting for repairs to your ice machine.

Fortunately, with our revolutionary ice machine subscription, you’ll never have to.

Our subscriptions include everything your need to keep your hospital ice machine in top shape. We provide the ice maker and include maintenance, service, and cleaning for a low monthly price. We take care of your ice maker, so you can focus on your patients.

The Benefits of an Ice Makers by the Month Subscription:

  • Top of the line Hoshizaki ice machines
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Ice dispensers, bins, and storage
  • Nationwide delivery and installation
  • Routine preventive maintenance, cleaning, and sanitizing
  • Lifetime warranty on repairs, service, parts, and labor
  • Discounts for multiple units
  • 24/7 customer support
  • A single point of contact for all your locations

Safe, Sanitary Ice is Just a Click Away

The Best Type of Ice for Top Quality Care

Soft and chewable, cubelet ice is the top choice for patients. We carry the best Hoshizaki ice machines that produce various types of ice, including chewable cubelet ice.

Safe, Sanitary Ice is Just a Click Away

Ensure the best patient care with an ice machine subscription from Ice Makers by the Month.