Affordable Hotel Ice Machines

Ice is Not Just an Amenity - It's a Necessity.

The best hotels have an ice maker in nearly every corridor and on every floor, which can make caring for them difficult. Hotel ice machines need proper maintenance and cleaning so they stay in peak performance - which saves you money over time.

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The Low-Cost Solution for All Your Ice Needs

Your capital is best spent on increasing your bottom line. Our subscriptions are fixed and low-cost, so you can invest in what matters the most – your guests.

Quality Hotel Ice Machines

We provide the best Hoshizaki ice machines, dispensers, and storage bins. Our ice makers come in sizing options to fit any number of guests per floor. We have ice makers that produce between 100 to well over 2500 pounds of ice a day. Our low monthly price ensures your guests stay cool and comfortable at the lowest cost!

Reliable Ice at an Affordable Cost

With subscriptions starting at just $145/month, you can now have top-of-the-line Hoshizaki hotel ice maker and dedicated support at a price you can afford. Our subscriptions save hotels the time and money needed to keep your ice makers up and running, so you can invest in what matters – providing the best hospitality for your guests.

Top Support for an Industry that Never Sleeps

The hospitality industry doesn’t stop working at night and neither should your ice machine. With routine service and cleaning, you’ll have a reliable ice all day long. Also, if your ice machine requires service, we’re here for you 24-hours a day.

Focus on Guests. Let Us Do the Rest.

We include everything for one price. You get two annual scheduled preventive maintenance visits - that includes deep cleaning your ice maker inside and out. If there is an issue with the machine service, parts, and labor for repairs is included in the monthly price. We even provide complimentary ice if you machine is down for extended repairs.

24/7 Customer Support

Hotels don't close their doors for the holidays, so we keep our doors open as well. We maintain 24/7 support along with a team of qualified technicians to resolve ice machine issues quickly.

Simplify your Ice Supply

Guests require the very best – that includes ice. With an Ice Makers by the Month subscription, you can be sure your guests stay cool!