Ice Makers for Manufacturing & Distribution

Hard Work Deserves a Reliable Ice Supply

Commercial ice makers need maintenance and cleaning to maintain peak performance. Our subscriptions include the best Hoshizaki ice machines along with expert care. Maintain a reliable and clean ice supply year round!

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Those in the manufacturing and distribution industry work hard. The heavy lifting and hours spent on the road means workers need a dependable supply of ice to keep them refreshed.

Our ice maker subscriptions include everything ice machines need to maintain their performance. Subscriptions start at $145 a month. Get the leading ice machine equipment from Hoshizaki and complete service for a low, monthly cost.

Dependable Ice for Your Workforce

Ice Makers That Get the Job Done

Your employees do the hard work - we're here to keep them cool. That's why we offer the best ice machines from Hoshizaki. No matter the size of your workforce, we have a machine for you. Choose from machines that produce 250 to over 2500 pounds of ice a day. Our subscriptions include ice makers, dispensers, and bins in many shapes and sizes.

Peak Performance Guaranteed

You need a dependable source of ice for all your employees. We're here to ensure you get it. With an Ice Makers by the Month subscription, we take care of everything. You get two scheduled preventive maintenance events including cleaning, sanitizing, and water filter replacements to maximize ice maker performance. Don't worry about parts and repairs - it's included in our lifetime warranty!

Steady Support and Supply

When hard work is involved, you can’t afford to go without ice. That’s why our customer support team is always on call. If your machine is down for repairs, we provide you with ice, so your employees are never left high and dry.

There When You Need Us

If the machine is down for repairs, we provide complimentary Breakdown Ice while we get it up and running. If we can't deliver ice to you, we'll credit your daily ice needs to your account.

Dependable Ice Supply

Having a dependable ice machine on site is a more cost-effective choice than repeated trips to a convenience store to stock up on ice. That's hardly a good use of time and money!

Our ice maker subscriptions start at $145 a month. That means no extra trips and wasted resources to get ice.

Reliable Ice, Wherever You Are

Ice Makers by the Month is the only nationally-located, all-inclusive ice machine program in the industry. We'll supply Hoshizaki ice makers to any of your locations across the country. Managing this process is easy – one bill and one point of contact for all your facilities.

Dependable Ice for Your Workforce

With an Ice Makers by the Month subscription, you can ensure your staff always has ice available throughout the day.