The Best Restaurant Ice Makers

For Bars and Restaurants, Ice is Always on the Menu.

Whether you’re a large restaurant chain or a small neighborhood bar, you need a clean and safe restaurant ice maker to operate.

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As a restaurant owner, you need a restaurant ice maker that won’t let you down.

  • Food Safety – Ice trays ensure sauces, cooked pasta, and salad dressings stay safe.
  • Food Prep – Ice baths for shocking to make the perfect vegetables and poached eggs.
  • Cooking Safety – Ice rapidly cools soups and stocks safely without the risk of contamination.
  • Salad Bars and Displays – Whether its produce or seafood, ice trays are a must if you plan on displaying food.
  • Cocktails and Beverages – Customers love a cold drink. Also, ice is perfect for keeping bottles and cans cool.

Less Hassle. More Ice.

The Right Restaurant Ice Maker for Your Needs

We're experts when it comes to restaurant ice makers. Just tell us how much ice you need, and we’ll create a custom subscription to fit your restaurant’s needs. Our subscriptions offer:

  • The best Hoshizaki ice makers for restaurant and bars
  • Ice bins, commercial ice dispensers and storage solutions
  • Filtration systems for any water type

Focus on Customers, Not an Ice Machine

If you're going to spend valuable time and money, it should be on your customers – not your ice machine. Budget with confidence knowing that with an Ice Makers by the Month subscription there are no unexpected expenses. Our full-service subscriptions include preventive maintenance, cleaning, and water filter replacements. We also cover all repairs, labor, and parts for restaurant ice makers in our monthly price.

Energy Efficient and Reliable

Our selection of ENERGY STAR rated restaurant ice makers reduce energy usage for your business, saving you even more green. Properly maintained restaurant ice machines are up to 25% more efficient, last longer, and perform better. That's why we perform two preventive maintenance sessions a year. We also cover repairs, so if there's ever a problem, you can get back to serving your guests in no time!