The Best Types of Ice for Your Business

We Have the Best Types of Ice for Your Business Needs

There are many types of ice, in all shapes and sizes to fit your customers’ needs. Whether you want slow melting crescent shaped ice for cocktails or flaked ice for seafood presentations, we have a machine for you.

Types of Ice

Crescent Ice

Crescent ice is a great all-around cube that fits most business needs. Crescent shaped ice is hard and slow melting. Perfect for small bars or high-volume restaurants.

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Cubelet Ice

Also known as Sonic ice, cubelet ice is soft, chewable, and retains flavor well. Commonly used in hospitals and schools, these ice shapes are also popular with bar patrons.

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Flaked Ice

Flaked ice is soft and moldable so you can create dazzling seafood of salad bar presentations. Its crushed ice texture is also ideal for specialized cocktails like Mai-Tais and Margaritas.

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Sphere Cubes

Sphere ice is large enough that it keeps the flavor of delicate spirits intact while chilling them fully. Their unique shape helps create dazzling cocktails.

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Square Cubes

Hoshizaki’s square-shaped cubes (IM Cubes) appeal to customers with discriminating palates. These are the perfect ice shapes for high-end spirits and quality craft cocktails.

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We Have the Right Ice for Your Business

No matter what types of ice you’re looking for, we have a machine to for you. Contact us to hear about our options!